Ro Plant Price In Karachi 03002734871

Ro Plant Price In Karachi 03002734871

Ro Plant Price In Karachi 03002734871



Dear Sir,


Reference your enquiry of reverse osmosis system .


  1. Raw Water Feed Pump

Quantity:                                              1 No.

Horse power:                                        1. HP

Electrical:                                              220v / 50Hz

Make                                                    china

  1. OGO Pressure Sand Filter


Model:                                                  FRP-16

Flow rate:                                             20 GPM continuous

Pressure drop:                                      5 psi

Filtration chamber:                               16” x 65”

Material of filtration chamber:               FRP

Total height:                                        6 ft

Inlet & outlet:                                       1”

Valve:                                                   multiport valve


Make                                                    china



Automatic Air Bleed Valve

This valve removes air inside the filtration chamber automatically on continuous basis adding safety to the vessel and better flow rate.


Filter Bed

All our filtration systems have maximum filtration bed of 3-ft in depth thus adding further clarity water down to 15-20 micron.



Rugged Tanks

Filtration shells are designed for 100 psi working pressure hydrostatically tested to 150 psi.



The OGO pressure sand filter uses a multimedia filtration process. Large particulate matter is captured by coarser, lighter media near the top of the filter bed. Smaller particles continue down to the successive lower media levels where particles as small at 25 microns are retained by finer heavier media. The density differences between the media allows for layer separation after backwashing.



Uniform Flow

The shape of the filter is both attractive and functional. The spherical top and bottom ends of the tank are designed to give uniform flow from both the inlet distribution and outlet collection assemblies. The system provides adequate distribution to uniformly expand the filter bed during backwash and the entire media bed is utilized during the filter cycle.


Filter Media

High-grade silica 0.45 mm grade washed and graded. ½”, 3/4”, and ¼” in size with accurate bedding in the sand filter shell.


  1. Antiscallent Dozing

Type:                                                   Metering Pump

Quantity:                                              1 No.

Make                                                    Italy


4.         Reverse Osmosis System

Make:                                                   OGO

Model:                                                  BW-OGO5000

Maximum feed water:                           under 3000 ppm TDS

Temperature:                                       250 C (+/- 15%)

Capacity:                                              5000 GPD

Electricity:                                            380 VAC / 50 Hz

Rejection:                                                           98%




Special Features of Reverse Osmosis System

  1. Lightweight non-corrosive frame.
  2. Heavy-duty 20” (5 micron) pre filter housing. Material polypropylene. Cartridge polypropylene yarn.
  3. Corrosion resistant & efficient high pressure R/O pump and TEFC heavy duty motor. Air-cooled, heavy-duty CR .
  4. High rejection thin film composite FDA approval membrane. DOW chemical.
  5. Automatic operation.
  6. Automatic liquid non-corrosive high-pressure regulator valve. Pre adjusted at factory. This high-pressure valve can be adjusted to maintain the desired high pressure out of the high-pressure pump.
  7. High impact liquid filled pressure gauge 4” in diameter mounted on a main control panel for better reading and access.
  8. Low impact liquid filled pressure gauge 4” in diameter mounted on a main control panel for better reading.
  9. Unique product water flow meter panel mounted.
  10. Automatic R/O membrane flush system. Flush the Reverse Osmosis membranes periodically with raw feed water.
  11. Thermal over load motor protection.
  12. Low-pressure safety cutout switch.
  13. Heavy-duty high-pressure tubing.
  14. Watertight power wiring shrouding.
  15. FDA  approved components and material.
  16. Factory tested and sterilized.
  17. Tagging and identification of instrumentation.
  18. Export crating.
  19. Reverse Osmosis ASME approved housing heavy duty Reverse Osmosis pressure vessel made of fiberglass tested and certified by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the boilers association of the USA also recommended by Filmtec DOW. Chemicals.
  20. Motor starter pre wired motor starter with start delay.
  21. Online tds meter
5.         Piping
        All PVC
Total cost of RO PLANT:    Rs. 6,90,000/-

This Price for Karachi. Outside of Karachi we will charge other amount .

Buyers Responsibility

  1. To provide electric power into the plant room.
  2. To provide drain line near plant room.
  • All civil work.
  1. Site clearance.


Delivery:                                   15 DAYS

Payment:                                 100% advance


If you have any further quires please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks & best regards,






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