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October 11, 2016

Sanam HUM TV Drama

sanam HUM TV Drama

Sanam HUM TV Drama

Ayla: The beautiful newly wed wife of Harib who seems to be a bipolar patient, expressing sudden outbursts of anger. Mainly as a result of her jealousy towards any woman that gets close to her husband and tends to react without thinking in such situations. Her mental situation may be a result of her rough childhood.

Harib: The husband of Ayla who became an orphan at a young age and since then has tried hard to stand up on his feet as a respectable and complete man.

Aan: A modest, hardworking and kind bachelorette who at sometime lost her father. She is well educated and is working at a bank.


Shabnam: A caring and loving mother of Aan. She tries to remove conflicts between Ayla and Harib but fails in every design by getting Ayla’s anger only.

Sharafat: Shaukat’s and Shamma’s brother, Shabnam’s brother-in-law and Aan’s paternal uncle. He wants to sell Shabnam’s home but Shabnam always refuses him.

Shamma: Shaukat’s and Sharafat’s sister, Shabnam’s sister-in-law and Aan’s paternal aunt. She is mother of (Asad Ali). Dhe always wanted that Aan should be married with (Asad Ali).

Shehroze: A childhood friend of Harib. Ayla later becomes lovely with Shehroze just to make Harib jealous. He hates Ayla because of her hysteria disease.

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