Ogo Chemical Dosing System

OGO Services offer a wide range of capacities to meet various chemical treatment applications. Each system includes the chemical metering pump and polyethylene chemical tank, along with the necessary hoses and fitting for the pump.
Markets Served:
Boiler Feed
Car Wash
Chemical Processing
Food Processing
Paints & Dyes
Pulp & Paper
Ware Wash
Waste Water Treatment
Water Conditioning
Water Treatment
Chemical Dosing Systems are often used to:
Lower Operating Cost
Prevent Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Scaling (Scale Inhibitors)
Chlorinate, or Dechlorinate Process Water depending on its Position in the Water Treatment Train (Biocides/Biocide Removal)
Inject RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals into the Feedwater Stream of an RO Cleaning Station
Chemical dosing pumps may operate as stand-alone chemical injection controllers, or may interface with system-based logic controllers (PLC’s).
Depending on the position in the Water Treatment Train, and the constituents in a given process water, Chemical Dosing may provide a cost-effective solution to pretreatment, treatment, or post treatment. Antiscalants and Antifoulants are common chemical options for pre-conditioning the feedwater of Reverse Osmosis systems, keeping contaminants from precipitating onto RO Membranes so that they pass safely into the Waste Water (Concentrate) Stream.
Chemical dosing storage tanks come iin a variety of sizes to accomodate operation conditions and water chemistry requirements. Many of these tanks are designed to accept chemical pumps and provide a packaged solution for managing chemical feed into incoming feedwater, or outflowing product water.
Advantages of Chemical Dosing Include:
Low Capital Cost Pre or Post Treatment of Process Water
Small Space Requirements
Low Operating Cost
Extremely Important Component of Pretreatment Strategy for RO
The Larger the Water Demand from and RO, the more likely that Chemical Dosing will be the most Cost-effective Choice
Pretreatment Chemicals:
Mineral dosing
pH Adjustment Systems are often used to:
Raise, or Neutralize the pH after a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

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