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During the filtration process, suspended solids are trapped in the filter media. Periodically this contaminant must be removed. This procedure is called Back washing.
Media Filtration is the most effective method for removal of suspended organic and inorganic solids from water. The media filters operate on the same basic principle as nature’s own ground water filtering process. Contaminated, unfiltered water enters the system through a deflector in the top of the filter and flows, under pressure, through the media where solid particulate is entrapped.
Media filters are known for their capacity to extract and hold large amounts of water-borne particulate while continuing to deliver a rated flow of clean water.
In addition to the filter’s ability to filter large volumes of water with very little pressure drop, one of the outstanding features is the simple backwash operation. This excellent cleaning process is possible due to the highly efficient under drain systems utilized in media filters.
How Does Media Filter Work?



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