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OGO Filtration Media 03002734871

Part Number Description ANTHRACITE-8.9 Anthracite .8-.9 (1 cu.ft./bag/52#) CALCITE-50 Calcite (0.55 cu.ft./bag/50#) COA400 Coal 12×40 (1 cu.ft./bag) GRAV-C Gravel 1/2X3/4 (COARSE), (1 cu.ft./bag/50#) GRAV-F Gravel 1/4X1/8 (FINE), (1 cu.ft./bag/50#) GRAV-M Gravel 1/4X1/2 (MEDIUM), (1 cu.ft./bag/50#) GRAVEL-FF Gravel 1/8×1/16 (VERY FINE), (1 cu.ft./bag/100#) SAND-20 Silica sand #20 (100# bag) SAND-30 Silica sand #30 (100# bag) SAND-45 …

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OGO filmtec Membrane Dow U.S.A 03002734871

FILMTEC elements from Dow feature a spiral wound design and are based on the FT30 thin-film composite polyamide membrane, which has long been the industry standard for RO performance. The FILMTEC FT30 membrane consists of three layers: an ultra-thin polyamide barrier layer, a microporous polysulfone interlayer, and a high-strength polyester support web. The FT30 membrane …

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